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From well-behaved chimpanzees and licensed trappers holding not-so-well-behaved alligators to liquid-nitrogen frozen drinks and restaurateurs serving upside-down tables, I’ve seen it all. Or rather, have photographed it all. Ok, maybe not all, but definitely seen a lot.

I’m a South Florida-based, barbecue-baby-back-ribs-eating and award-winning photographer who has been filling pages of local, national and international publications with images of all kinds of people, themes and subjects for over 15 years. And loving every minute of it.

creative agency-schneider creatives-Eduardo Schneider-photography-graphic designIn several occasions my subjects ask: “you really love the work you do, right?” – I always put my camera down and answer: “yes, I do.”

But it’s their stories and your story that fascinates me. These days anyone can pick up a camera and click the shutter button. For me, photographing goes beyond the camera. It’s about learning about the people I’m shooting and falling in love with them and their missions.

Certain civilizations believe that when you take their photo you steal their soul. Here’s what I believe: when I take someone’s photo I feel like I’m having the chance to capture their soul and am blessed with the opportunity of sharing it with the rest of the world. Not stealing, sharing”.

Having experienced a successful career in journalism as a reporter, news writer, editor and creative director for several publications in my native country of Brazil and in the U.S, helps me understand my mission as a photographer from a different perspective and create images that are engaging, exciting and memorable. My passion has always been editorial photography and my work has made the pages of publications such as Miami Magazine, Delray Beach Magazine, Boca Raton Magazine, Lincoln Road, Las Olas, International Yachtsman, Florida Table, Social Affair, Caras Brazil, Guest Informant and Sports Illustrated. Also had the opportunity to create images featured in numerous advertising campaigns, catalogs and other print and web products.

In addition to shooting for the publishing and advertising industries, Eduardo Schneider Photography is my channel to offer quality photography services to individuals, professionals, corporations, political organizations and families interested in capturing their special moments in a unique and memorable way.

Want to give me the honor to shoot your next story, event or portraits? Just use the form on the CONTACT page and I’ll personally get in touch with you promptly.

Why Choose This Guy?

What good is a professional who doesn’t show up on time? Arriving on time and staying until the job is done is among my top priorities when it comes to client satisfaction. I understand that things change and will always do my best to accommodate those last minute inconveniences so you don’t have to worry about it.

When I’m driving, I want everyone in the car to feel safe and comfortable. I want them to feel like they’re in good hands so they can relax and enjoy the ride. This is also my approach to photography. Connecting to people is one of the most fascinating aspects of what I do and will always look for ways to make you – and your guests or associates – feel safe and comfortable in front of the camera. Along with delivering amazing photos, I want you to remember the wonderful experience it was taking those photos.

Keeping up with the promises is one of the factors that separates the ‘people who take photos’ from the real professional photographers. Commitment with deadlines and an inherent sense of urgency – while focusing on quality – is also one of my priorities. As an editorial photographer, I understand that no matter what the job is, time is always of the essence and will deliver the highest quality images within reasonable time.

What This Guy Does


Since the early years shooting on a film Pentax, photography has become my visual media of choice. I thrive in creating images that engage, make you think and wonder, even make you hungry sometimes.

Photo Management

We collect an overwhelming number of photos every day. Worry not, I can help you organize and catalog your photos. And more, I’ll help you being found by Google through your photos. Pretty cool, huh?


Digital photography turned a lot of people into photographers. Digital video turned a lot of photographers into directors. I let digital turn myself into a filmmaker and a video storyteller, helping clients tell their tale through amazing, engaging, emotional and professionally produced motion pictures.


Everyone thinks of Photoshop while we’re taking photos, right? Well, I think of the photos first but my clients feel really good to now that their photos will receive the final touches following the same high standards my magazine clients expect from me.

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